An Invitation

From our documentary filmmaker Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi, comes the first in a series of mini-docs following The Wandering Island. This film is an introduction and invitation to the project, intended to track the beginning of a multi-year public art project embedded in a Calgary/Mohkínstsis park space. 

The Wandering Island: An invitation from Wandering Island on Vimeo.

Mini-docs, photos, and even this blog are intended to invite you into the process, demystifying how public art is made, and capturing how it changes over time. Ramin started shooting in 2018. Many of our projects will evolve and transform radically over the coming years, and you’ll get to watch as it happens. Be prepared for anything. As Lead Artist Lane Shordee says, “nothing is certain!”

The temporary seasonal programming for The Wandering Island is still in limbo due to the continued suspension of Calgary Public Art. Support your local Public Art Program! We are hopeful that we’ll find a way to continue with this project in its ideal form.

Ramin interviewing Lane for the first Wandering Island doc. Photo by Mike Tan
The view through Ramin’s camera, as documented by Mike Tan.

As a side note, you might not see Ramin on camera, but his presence impacts The Wandering Island as much as any other artist. Thanks to Ramin for his sensitive eye and methodical archiving of thoughts, moments, tensions, ideas, and adaptations over the course of this project. We couldn’t do it without him!

Check out Ramin’s other work at Nur Films.

Ramin capturing footage during The Wandering Island artist meet-and-greet. Photo by Mike Tan

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