A Slow Unfolding

“Landscape’s most crucial condition is considered to be space, but its deepest theme is time.” ~ Rebecca Solnit

The landscape carries clockwork that puts the clock to shame. Its second hand peels away, to be replaced by clouds of tiny flies; its minute hand runs skittering into the bushes, and minutes are instead measured in the sound of small animal rummaging for food, or a Robin yelling at a Magpie disturbing her nest; the hour hand fades and is taken by bright and dappled light, as the sun arches through the sky overhead. Even the face of the clock melts – not as a Dali clock would, but like ice melts into a river at night, so slowly you hardly realize it’s happening, and yet it’s gone in the morning.

Soundscapes in the Landscape

A Wandering Weekend invited visitors to explore Elbow Island at their own pace, learning about the art, experiencing the island, and listening to musicians play improvised, spatial compositions in collaboration with the land itself.

A Wandering Weekend

Join us for a day of wandering on Calgary’s own art island, including a choose-your-own-adventure walking tour, soundscapes in the landscape, and a bike-in film screening of mini-docs about The Wandering Island art projects.

A Wandering Tour

You’re invited on a tour of the stairs, benches, and stepping stones on Elbow Island Park. Let this blog be your guide to the artworks on The Wandering Island.

An Invitation

From our documentary filmmaker Ramin Eshraghi-Yazdi, comes the first in a series of mini-docs following The Wandering Island. This film is an introduction and invitation to the project, intended to track the beginning of a multi-year public art project embedded in a Calgary/Mohkínstsis park space.  The Wandering Island: An invitation from Wandering Island on Vimeo. Mini-docs, photos,…


Another of the permanent artworks on Elbow Island takes the form of a rock ford – essentially, stepping stones to help visitors cross a secondary channel of water. Before the project, this ephemeral stream was dry except during high-flow months. After the project, the stream will flow all year round, and visitors will be able to…